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JBuilder 3.5 through 2006 are based on Prime Time, an all-Java IDE framework.JBuilder 2007 "Peloton" is the first JBuilder release based on the eclipse IDE framework.–jeroen via [Way Back] Blog post “The Issue with Delphi Runtime Packages and Windows 10 Creators Update”…– Marco Cantù – Google This entry was posted on 2017/06/13 at and is filed under Delphi, Development, Power User, Software Development, Windows, Windows 10.On the other hand, I see in many replies the echo of myths that I feel relevant to try to rectify. Here is a list of reasons not to upgrade I find relevant (even if they don't all apply to me): I hope this helps the positive discussion I've seen so far, and helps Dev Co concentrate on both improving the product and telling the world how good it is! Lesse Operator Overloading and For-in and inline procedures are all that jump to mind.Because it is true recent versions of Delphi have now been shining in quality (quite the opposite! Nothing else really jumps to mind, maybe that's part of the problem, Except that you have to pay more than is remotely comfortable to upgrade from the previous version to get it. Not new, just a different way to create old style objects, probably identical plumbing in fact. Third party work, available for free for D7 if you are willing to do a little work.For instructions on locating the firmware version on the Delphi Connect device with the 4G LTE mobile hotspot, refer to Verify Firmware Version.

The same discussion is happening also on the non-tech newsgroup.

Please select the appropriate link if you have not updated your Borland product.

Borland Delphi 4 Standard Edition does not include the Sync Objs and we will be discontinuing support of Delphi 4 Standard Edition. Before installing Indy into Delphi 6, you must remove the Indy version that is included with Delphi 6.

I have to say that I agree with many reasons expressed.

While I mostly use Delphi 2006, I have a copy of Delphi 7 installed for programs I had problems porting over, mostly because of third party components or web services-related troubles.

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