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"Communication is hugely important to have a healthy sexuality.

That's the main problem fueling sexual assaults around the nation.

Interest in interpersonal sexuality naturally ebbs and flows.

Sex affects our emotional state, no matter how experienced we are sexually, from encounters that leave us feeling exuberant, contented, or excited, to those that leave us confused, scared, depressed, or angry.

Looking to circumvent the red tape, students at the University of Tennessee, led by Brianna Rader, co-founder of Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at Tennessee, launched an app that would make getting a sexual education a whole lot easier.

is the first app to give teens and young adults instant answers from sex experts for their sex-related questions, anonymously.

It's like a Google search but with real-time, personalized and accurate answers. "Ask a Sexpert" has volunteer experts and Planned Parenthood educators based in Knoxville field one-on-one chats about everything from virginity to orgasms.

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Its goal: to provide an edgy and entertaining place for teens and young people to anonymously learn about sex and sexuality from trusted sources.This was a great opportunity for recipients and their families to thank the donors who make these awards possible each year.Complete list of 2016 Student Award Recipients Click here for a photo gallery of the event Congratulations to the 2016 Child and Family Studies Award Winners!Such sharing enhances mutual trust and caring, and increases the likelihood of using the chosen birth control successfully.Some feel that raising the topic of birth control in an intimate situation interferes with spontaneity and romance—this is a myth that needs to be dispelled.

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