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The first time you are aware that anything is wrong may be when you have your first ultrasound scan.Hi all, I have never posted on a forum before and I am not sure what I'm looking for on here, perhaps comfort with confirmation that others believe my decisions are being guided by good advice.This is a missed miscarriage, also called a silent miscarriage.It’s called a missed miscarriage because you won’t realise that anything has gone wrong.That sounds clinical, but I assure you he was very sensitive about these matters.He didn't appear to have any doubt that that was what was required and he did look at the ultrasound results.Or it may be that an embryo started to grow, but failed to progress.It's called a missed miscarriage because you won't realise that anything has gone wrong.

An ultrasound may then be done to establish fetal viability.The sequence of events, leading up to the resulting ‘missed’ loss, can result in pain that is unique.With a missed miscarriage, it is often a complete emotional derailment and may result in feelings that one’s body has betrayed the mind.The devastating news of ‘miscarriage’ comes as quite a shock.In a situation of missed miscarriage, it would be quite common for the woman to attend a normal prenatal checkup thinking everything is just fine, only to find out that her baby is gone, and may have been gone for some time.

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