Intimidating text messages

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For some it makes them feel calm, because doing so it is really a way of punishing themselves, and electric it will be the only strategy escape an effect of being numb that so often comes with problems like depression.

These border areas attract rebels, paramilitaries and criminal organisations alike: they constitute geo-strategic corridors for the global cocaine industry and are sites of supply and operation for the major actors involved in Colombia’s decades-long armed internal conflict.

BY OBEY MANAYITI This comes amid heightened intimidation in the ruling party as warring factions reportedly angle to succeed 91-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

Rightscorp used the personal information of the Monroe residents to offer the alleged copyright infringers a settlement.

The offers start with a snail mail letter, but if these are ignored things get worse.

In a complaint (pdf) filed at a federal court in Georgia, Melissa Brown and Ben Jenkins accuse Rightcorp and its clients of using intimidating robocalls and text messages to solicit settlements.

“Once Rightscorp obtains a consumer’s contact information, it commences autocalls and text messages in an attempt to intimidate the consumer into settlement,” the complaint reads.

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