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Thus, RASI was developed to "triage" rock art panels.This page is meant to provide quick access to state-of-the-art knowledge about rock varnish and its use in understanding the priceless heritage of rock art.Liu compiled a massive data base that has now launched varnish microlaminations (VML) as the ideal method to understand petroglyph chronology in the Holocene and terminal Pleistocene (

More interesting is the eastern edge, a steep slope of broken lava blocks, since here are found approximately 24,000 petroglyphs, most dating from the Ancestral Pueblo period of 1300 to 1600 AD, made by chipping away the dark, weathered surface of the lava to reveal the light-colored rock underneath.A controversy still exists regarding Palaeolithic art chronology and the stylistic schemes of dating do not provide reliable data about the Coa valley petroglyphs.The well-accepted division between the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic era can still be contested. (UK) The Coa petroglyphs, seen in the established framework of rock-art studies, belong in the corpus of west European parietal art of late Pleistocene age, as found in scores of caves and some open-air locations.Images made by pecking or scraping into rock are called petroglyphs; those made by painting pigments on the rock are called pictographs.If there are other structures or artifacts nearby, the age of rock art can be estimated by association.

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